Journey into AI: Unveiling Solutions and Innovation

At Codelitt, we're not just developers and designers; we are forever students of our craft. In this article, we explore some of our recent AI initiatives, presenting our vision related to AI and how companies should be experimenting with this technology in their projects.

Let's talk about Tasketeer, but first, let me share some context of why we needed an AI application like this one in the first place:

We identified a big challenge related to knowledge management. Some of our customers, and Codelitt as well, were presenting an opportunity to improve transitions within teams, and providing their collaborators with one source of truth for any kind of questions related to internal information. For example…

How can I generate an X report? Who is the team leader for the Y project? How is the process to request time off, and how many days do I have remaining? Can I have a list of the customers we helped in 2023? What's the mission of our Design team?

Tasketeer in Action: The Pragmatic Chatbot

Tasketeer is a chatbot that will act as the guru of your company, responding to every one of these questions directly from your company hub. It doesn't only comprehend natural language queries but also operates seamlessly across various platforms like Slack, Teams, or your preferred collaboration platform. Your colleague, the one who knows everything about the company.

This AI Chatbot connects with different data sources such as Google Docs, MongoDB, Notion, or Box. Those integrations create the universe of knowledge that Tasketeer needs to operate efficiently and help teams. Whether you're engaged in a Slack conversation or exploring a corporate website, Tasketeer is ready to provide the information you seek with precision.

Now, should you be experimenting as well with AI right now? We asked our CEO, Vincent Hendrickx, what he would recommend to other CEOs when it comes to AI projects.

“AI is nothing to snooze on if you are responsible for technology at your company, even if you are in an industry that is generally not at the forefront of technology adoption like proptech, fintech, faithtech, etc. What we are doing is testing AI tools and capabilities to see how we can create efficiencies in design and development but also how we can make better sense of information and data.” - Vincent Hendrickx, CEO at Codelitt

When asking Vincent how Codelitt could be a potential partner for AI projects, here's what he had to share:

“We are also encouraging our clients to test and experiment with AI and we help them do so as a service. The projects we have helped with fall into 2 areas - creating efficiencies (improving search when there are 100s of search criteria or when searching on unstructured data, for example), or making better sense of information and data (predicting data trends or pricing forecasts, for example).

Codelitt is a great partner to our customers because of our ability to bring talented and experienced people that can help move AI initiatives forward, without long-term commitments (from hiring internally) or disruption to existing team's workload.” - Vincent Hendrickx, CEO at Codelitt

Codelitt - Your AI Partner in Progress

Tasketeer represents an experimentation project of our AI capabilities, but is not the only one. We have built other AI applications like: AI Market Evaluations: an app that would analyse the market in a specific region in North America to define property prices based on data like demographics, neighbourhoods, and much more... We have built AI features for TradingRobots, AI Text filters, and incorporated AI in several areas and internal processes from our different teams: Design, Engineering, UX Research and Partnerships.

As we conclude this exploration Journey of AI, remember – Codelitt is a force to be reckoned with in AI-powered applications. Tasketeer is just an example, an experiment that showcases our ability to innovate and experiment. If you are envisioning AI-driven applications that surpass the ordinary… Codelitt is your gateway to cutting-edge technology.

Cheers to our collective dedication – where innovation aligns with reality, and AI aspirations become routine technological realities! 🚀✨