Codelitt has worked on hundreds of projects across various industries. When I mention that to a prospective partner, more often than not I get this follow up question, “So what have you done in the [insert their industry] sphere?”

And it makes sense!

In wading through the sea of potential partners that you can pick to solve your issue, you want to have confidence that you’re talking with someone who has successfully delivered solutions in your area.

Our experience has shown that our partners' problems all tend to fall within one or more of five categories. "Barriers in communication" is a big one.

At the same time, when I tell someone that we have delivered solutions in a prospect’s industry, I’m usually asked, “okay, who?” If I can disclose the client’s name, then I’m often told something like, “Well we’re not really like [industry-relevant partner of Codelitt]. We do things differently over here. They’re [x] and we’re [y].”

And they’re right!

Industry experience alone isn’t enough proof that you should jump in and outsource with a partner.

“Have you worked in my industry before?” is not the right question - “have you solved problems like mine before?” is.

You’re not looking for a partner who knows your industry. That’s your expertise. You’re looking for a partner who knows their industry which, in this case, is custom software engineering, design, user testing, and project management.

Consider the doctor/patient relationship. Imagine if a doctor said to a piano-playing-patient,  “don’t worry, I’ve worked with a lot of musicians before. I can solve your health problems.” While it certainly might make that pianist more comfortable to know that the doctor has treated fellow players before, that fact by itself does not make the doctor qualified to start working on this patient’s concerns!

Now of course we love building amazing POCs for our partners, but when it comes to truly painful problems that our partners need help with, our experience has shown that they all tend to fall within one or more of the following five categories:

  1. Siloed data
  2. Workflow inefficiencies
  3. Barriers to communication
  4. Poor customer experience (CX)
  5. Frustrations with a lack of bandwidth or expertise

Do any of these “hit the button” for you in your organization? Don’t worry, it’s not just you.

Codelitt delivers custom software solutions for its partners. With an agile approach, we engineer and design products that meet the needs of the target users. We help provide strategy around the minimum viable products (MVPs) so you can scale your technology transformation. How we do that involves deep collaboration. While we may have worked in your industry before, every partner is a little bit different.

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